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At the Conference

conference program


Keynote speakers included:
Antionette Carroll, founder of Creative Reaction Lab in St. Louis, created in response to the Michael Brown shooting, 
Andrew Shea, author of Designing for Social Change from New York City, Imam Azhar Subedar, founder of O’People Foundation in Plano, Texas,
Mallika Bose, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture and board member of Imagining America. 
Diana Baldi on Timebanking, from Phoenixville, PA
Sally Hurst, Executive Director of the Greenbrier County Health Alliance in Lewisburg, WV
Ben Jablonski, founder of Building with Israelis and Palestinians, from Boston
Kristin Hughes, Associate Professor of Design from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh speaking on the Meet Me Halfway Toolkit for Transforming Communities with Conversations that Matter
Usra Ghazi, Director of Policy and Programs for America  


Workshops included: 
Town and Gown Spaces, community planning visualization opportunities for attendees, offered by the WVU landscape Architecture faculty and students; Living on this Planet in 50 Years, facilitated by Emily Frye Garton, User Experience Designer at Expel in Washington, DC
Respect and Rebellion, facilitated by Liz Joyner, Executive Director of The Village Square US in Tallahassee, FL
Place-based Songwriting, conducted by Chris Haddox, Assistant Professor of Sustainable Design in the WVU School of Community Development
Healthy Community Engagement, conducted by Sally Hurst, Executive Director of the Greenbrier County Health Alliance in Lewisburg, WV
Community Conversations, facilitated by Associate Professor Margaret Stout and grad students of Public Administration at WVU
Maker Spaces and Third Places, conducted by Ryan Clifford, Assistant Professor of Design at the University of Kansas The Promise of Community: from Righteous Ange to Civic Health, facilitated by Usra Ghazi, Director of Policy and Programs for America
Compassionate Listening, facilitated by Christine Gilman, who facilitates reconciliation for women and girls living in war-torn countries, based in Salem, OR
Community Engagement and Branding, facilitated by RJ Thompson, Graphic and Interactive Design Assistant Professor at Youngstown University in Ohio
Saturday 12:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Sunday 12:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Fourteen Lightning talks were also presented, which can be seen on the Designing Across Divides website. 

Diptych Banners

banners on High Street
The charge to designers submitting ideas was “What if we could get past our differences, find common ground, and plant some great ideas?” We had submissions from Mexico to the Middle East. Works were chosen from Morgantown, from other West Virginia towns, the East Coast and West Coast; some were student work and some were professional designers. Ideas were chosen based on their ability to connect to both sides of a divide without casting stones at one side. Appealing to values held in common offered the best chance of a message being heard. Some submissions were already collaborations. Students and faculty from Virginia Commonwealth University, Morgan University in Michigan, and Qatar in the Middle East collaborated across the Atlantic on their submissions. Yossi Lemel from Israel and Chaz Maviyane Davies, born in Zimbabwe, were also included. See all of the designs in the pdf. 


Proceedings book 
Proceedings and Banner diptych designs

Conference schedules:

Thursday conference schedule
Friday schedule
Saturday conference schedule