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About Scotts Run

Our vision is to be a place to share the stories and learn from the experiences of integrated coal camps of Scotts Run.

Our Mission:
  • To educate ourselves and future generations about the culture, values, resilient relationships and social bonding of historic Scotts Run that meant survival in coal camp life.
  • To save history through storytelling in multiple media of residents’ experience that add to published accounts
  • To provide a place for remembering, preserving, communing, and for open discussion within a museum setting
  • To provide outreach through events and programs—alone, or partnering with other organizations, to translate such experiences for succeeding in a diverse and interdependent world.

Scotts Run Museum and Trail
Mary Jane Coulter, Executive Director 
465 Scotts Run Road, Osage WV 
 (304) 599-9615  |   Hours: Saturday 10-2 and by appointment