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Graphic Design

After a year of research, hearing stories from community members, reviewing results of visual surveys in five communities, seeing the area for ourselves and sharing research from the past year of all of our partners, the Graphic Design Team, led by professor Eve Faulkes, developed a brand with feedback at three stages from the community. The approved Tucker Culture identity reflects a myriad of activities, nature, heritage and arts found in Tucker County and packages them in a multi-faceted shape that indicates individual communities who make up the whole culture. Color and linear imagery extend past the boundaries to show the sharing of those communities and resources.

Tucker Culture logo

In the Primary one that samples some of every offering and stands for the whole culture, you can find linear texture of ski trails, a bike wheel. the county Courthouse, leaves of the forest, guitar strings, fishtail in the water, and a hiking boot print. The color palette comes from the natural environment, seasons and sunsets, that range from light to dark with all being dark enough to hold white lines and also provide depth in the design.

The symbol also has a preferred one-color version that is the blue-green with white lines. This color comes from the forested mountains tinged blue from the great distance one can see them It also comes in white for use on dark backgrounds, and in black for copier usage.

Variations on the brand were made to emphasize history, recreation and the arts. Some communities may want to adopt one of these over the main symbol. Another set of variations allow for use in very small instances. Such as the web banner or business cards. Some steps in our process can be seen in the gallery, and the entire set and how to use the brand can be downloaded in the Tucker Culture Brand Style Guide.

Download the full Tucker Culture Brand Style Guide (PDF)
Download the Tucker Culture Branding presentation
given to community members - July 26, 2017