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Landscape Architecture

Peter Butler, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture and Extension Specialist completes outreach and service-learning projects through the Community Engagement Lab in the School of Design and Community Development at WVU. He was a transdisciplinary partner, contributing Community, Park, Trailhead, Plaza and interactive playground design as well as Online GIS asset mapping with his students. To accurately develop priorities of the residents, he was part of the community information gathering workshops with Doug Arbogast and Eve Faulkes that asked questions such as:
  • What are character-defining features of Tucker County in categories of social, natural, cultural or historic features?
  • Where are places that are "sacred" to your community? What are threats to those places and what are opportunities for preserving them?
  • What is a story about your community that you would like to share with visitors? Where would you take them to show them the story?
  • What are some "gaps" or "needs" that you perceive in your community in relation to recreation and heritage themed site development?

Plans developed for Tucker communities by Carly Clevenstine, Landscape Architecture Masters student, and by landscape architecture classes included:
  1. Davis Community Plan with Riverfront Park Enhancements
  2. Thomas Community Plan with Spruce Street Enhancements
  3. Canaan Valley Community Center Plan and Connectivity
  4. Coketon: Blackwater Canyon Rail Trail Trailhead at Buxton-Landstreet Building
  5. Parsons: Allegheny Highlands Rail Trail Trailhead at Western Maryland RR Depot
  6. Parsons: Shavers Fork Park and Community Gardens
Plan for Davis Riverfront Streetscape

A GIS map of Tucker County was created by Jacquelyn Strager.