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Tucker County Cultural District Authority

The History & Purpose of the Tucker County Cultural District Authority
Brad Moore, President of the TCCDA Board

Senate Bill 561 was entered to establish the Tucker County Cultural District Authority. The Committee is authorized to promote the cultural, artistic, historical, educational and recreational opportunities available in Tucker County and thereby increase tourism and economic opportunities in the area. To both lead tourism growth and maintain Tucker's authenticity, we have adopted four tenets: Protect, Connect, Enhance and Promote. This performance agenda will be a guide as the Cultural District Authroity begins working to achieve its vision of a community-led cultural tourism plan. 

Purple Fiddle stage 
The Tucker County Cultural District Authority is strengthened by a strong community-based support in Tucker County to encourage, develop and enhance the various aspects of the cultural tourism component of the regional economy. Opportunities exist to create, expand and complement areas of cultural, historical, archaeological and industrial heritage and educational interest in Tucker County. 

I see the role of the TCCDA as one of partner, facilitator, and sometimes leader in identifying and completing projects that will help enhance the cultural legacy we have been left. Many of these enhancement projects have a strong start thanks to community organizations. We want to assist these organizations to move the county's cultural legacy forward by offering them resources, guidance and organizational capacity. 

Many characteristics make Tucker County, WV a singularly unique destination. The fact that there is but one "Tucker County" in the USA only confirms its rarity of character and distinctiveness in destination. There is an element of unrefined, unprocessed truth about Tucker County that is utterly undeniable and exceptionally rare; true in the way night skies aren't washed out by city lights and quaint mountain towns are sprinkled with charm and diversity. Whether you're coming to escape life, or to find it, Tucker County is that place. 

In this high-mountain paradise, cool, uplifting breezes and spectacular natural features leave visitors elevated and inspired. Tucker County is a true destination; visitors rarely stumble upon us. With more than half of the land being National Forest, Federal Wilderness, Fish and Wildlife Refuge and State Park lands and located within a day's drive of half of the US population makes promoting Tucker County as a high-mountain experience close to you easier than ever. 

Download the TCCDA Perfomance Agenda (PDF)