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Early Logo Versions

During community meetings we heard that the MFT brand should be about connection to nature and the ecosystems, as well as being personable, active and life-giving. The bear became that symbol, a creature almost mythical in its infrequency of being spotted, yet is directly connected to the health of the forest. It is also a fierce protector and has a historic connection to the forest and the stakeholders in its towns.

Mon Forest Towns symbol/black and white

The MFTP symbol may be used in black and white on a white background in such a way that the white N, T and S blend into the background. This is part of the design that allows the mark to become wed to the page and is a visual gestalt property called figure-ground.  This mark, when downloaded as an .ai file or .svg file may be enlarged to billboard size without loss of detail. A .jpg, however, should be used only at the size of the original or smaller to maintain clarity.

Mon forest towns black and white logo    
  Download black and white MFT symbol

Mon Forest Towns symbol/color

The MFTP symbol will normally be used in green and black, with the town name in white when it is added. When the color mark is used, the word mark extends beyond the black boundary. The space at the bottom of the word mark can accommodate long and short names of towns in the Univers font. When a name fits in the Univers extra black, it has the most impact. However, the other Univers forms can handle longer names.

mon forest color logo 
Download black and green MFT symbol

Mon Forest Towns symbol as window

One of the attributes of the word mark being so thick and solid is that its legibility can holdup even when it appears to be a window into the landscape. In this case, the river and mountains converge at a horizon in solid colors.

logo with window to mountains   
Download MFT symbol with sky and river

Mon Forest Towns favicon

The smallest space could be the favicon, 1/4”,for use on web sites and digital map legends.

mon forest favicon  
Download MFT symbol favicon