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Circle Sticker Options

Marlinton sign with three circlesMon Forest communities have the opportunity to choose from a catalog of town amenities stickers inspired by the area’s recreation economy, nearby history and heritage, or other cultural offerings. The sticker designs came from requests from the pilot towns during community conversations.

Whomever is in charge of your town (Mayor, City Council, etc) should pick three of the circular illustrations to be used on the Os in the MFT word mark. One of those is larger. These can be made  into car wrap material adhesive stickers to be added to the sign for your town. Usage of the mark with your town can include those circular illustrations if the symbol will be four inches in diameter or more. Smaller than that, the symbol should be used with the green Os for legibility. Other symbols, such as the ones with lines, or images within can be accessed along with a designer who is familiar with the system. The symbols with linear pictures are to be used only when large enough for the lines to read well, such as on the shirt designs or in offset printing. Designers will help you get a good result for your need. 

Another use of the round sticker designs could be as coasters for local craft breweries.  A circle icon could be used in conjunction with the Mon Forest Towns logo for an event that was closely associated with the  icon, such as a fishing tournament or an art or music festival in a member town. A circle design may NOT be used for a town symbol, because it stands for the group.

Contact Cindy Sandeno for queries about using the logos for applications for your town. 

Cynthia M. Sandeno 
District Ranger Forest Service
Marlinton/White Sulphur Ranger District
p: 304-799-4334 ex. 7995517 

Wildlife and hunting icon   Wildlife and hunting
rock climber icon
Climbing and outdoor recreation
train engine iconTrain and lumber heritage
front view of train engine iconTrain and logging front view
jumping fish icon
waterfall icon
music instrument icon
Music heritage and events
basket with art supplies
Arts and crafts heritage and events
sky gazing
Dark skies
hiking icon
woodpecker icon
Wine bottle and glasses
Craft brewery
Oak and sycamore leaves
Oak and sycamore forest
leaves over stump icon
Oak and wild cherry
leaves on stump
Oak and lumber industry
kayaking icon
biking icon
downhill skiing icon